Ecommerce on Limecube

Limecube provides a quick and simple way to add your Ecwid online store onto Limecube as an integrated part of your website. The Ecwid plugin can be found under Integrations on the elements panel.


The Ecwid integration element can be inserted by:

  1. Clicking 'Add element'
  2. Dragging 'Integrations' to the part of the page you want
  3. Selecting Ecwid from the drop down under integrations.

These instructions assumes you have already setup your account on Ecwid.

Step 1 - First you'll need an account on Ecwid

Step 2 - Finding your Ecwid embed code

This help video below from Ecwid shows you how to find the code to take from Ecwid. Once you have grabbed that code, watch this video to show you how to place it to your Limecube website.

Step 3 - Inserting your embed code to Limecube

Tags: ecommerce, online shop

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