AI Writer

Limecube makes writing your content a breeze with our AI writer.

Limecube's AI (artificial intelligence writer) is a really amazing tool that automatically writes landing page content for you based on a short description or keywords.

What is it suitable for?

The AI Writer is suitable for writing just about any type of website content.

Utilising the latest in AI technology, the results are amazing.

How it works

While the AI Writer only needs a small description or a few keywords to write your content, it is important to be thoughtful about what that content is. Like with anything, what you put in, determines what you get out.

How to use

There are 2 ways to access the AI writer:

  1. Within the content area of most elements. If you don't see this icon on the editor, it means it is not yet available for this element.
    AI writing icon
  2. When adding a new section, or duplicating an existing section, you'll be asked if you want AI to write your content.

Once you have the AI writer open, there are a few tips to help you get the most out of what AI writes for you.

  1. The first thing to realise, is that while AI is amazing, it is not magic, or a mind reader. The information you put into the AI writer fields directly determines the quality and accuracy of what Limecube's AI writer will produce.
  2. The tone will default to what you used when signing up. This can be changed for individual content runs, however it is usually best to keep it the same for your site wide content, except for places such as the blog, where using a different writing tone can make sense.
    1. You can change the default writing style at any time under the settings tab.
  3. All fields are required, except for 'Heading'. Heading is there for when you have a specific idea of what that section should be titled. AI will still try and improve your heading, but it also ensures you are much closer to a desired outcome for that area.
  4. Length of content will determine an approximate length for your content, and write content that makes sense for a condensed area such as a service box, or longer content for say a blog post. Please note that a short content piece uses 1 credit, and medium and long content increases how many credits are required for the generation.
  5. Once content has been generated in the result area, you have the option to either replace your existing content, or add the new content to the end of your existing content. 'Add to end of content' is disabled on a newly added section.
Important tip: If you aren't happy with what was generated, before you re-generate your content, try adjusting the details you have placed into the field, to be more specific. While entering 3 keywords may give you a nice result, it will also be likely to produce very generic content that may not suit your specific website.


The top history tab has a history of all AI generated content you have made in the AI writer.

This can be filtered by the type of content you have generated.


Under the settings tab, you'll see the details used when signing up. For older sites, this will likely be empty. These fields are required to run the AI writer.

The information in these fields contributes to the result the AI Writer produces. If anything is not correct here, we recommend updating it for a better result.

Help Video

Check out the help video below, that shows you how to use the AI Writer

Safe content

The AI Writer may reject any controversial topics to be entered such as anything illegal, hate, sexual, political and some medical areas. This has been done to avoid misuse or abuse. The AI does have the ability to determine this and automatically rejects, and we have no control over this.

If you feel your content has been unfairly rejected as it does not fit into the guidelines above, please log a ticket here with your details including your website, and what you entered into the AI Writer for us to check.

What you should know

AI writing is still in its relative infancy. While most of the results we are seeing from the AI writer are amazing and very accurate, it will not always generate perfect results.

Replacing humans

It is not yet designed to completely replace a high quality human writer, and may still need some input from you to finish the copy off. Sometimes it takes multiple generations to take sections of each content generation to get the full result you are looking for.


It is also important that you know that a human reviews all content generated by our AI Writer. We do this because:

  • As a supplier of AI, it is a requirement that we do so
  • To track the quality of generated content, and to help us learn how to train the AI to write better where necessary
  • To quickly detect misuse, and help keep the internet safe.


We do not tolerate abuse of the writer in any form, which primarily includes content around illegal, hate, defamation topics etc. Content such as this will be removed, with no refund for any purchased credits. We also reserve the right to suspend a site or user account if the free credits are being abused in any form.

Free content

Any of the free content you generate with your first free credits during your trial, may only be used on your Limecube website, and not used on any other websites. Any content generated from any credits you purchase may be used where you wish.

Buying AI Writer credits

The AI writer comes with free credits to trial it out. After that, to continue using the AI writer, credits need to be purchased. This can be done using Credit Card or PayPal.

The cost to buy credits is very low at this time, to allow for the fact it may take a few generations of content to get all of the content you'd like.

How does pricing stack up against a human copywriter? The pricing below is based on a full page of content or a blog post:

Low cost freelance copywriter $50 per page
Decent level copywriter $250 per page
Experienced brand copywriter $500+ per page
Limecube's AI writer $1.32 per page

Prices above are a general comparison guide, and may vary slightly.

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