Elements are drag-and-drop features that display different types of content on your page such as text, images, video, buttons, boxes, forms etc. Some other platforms may refer to elements as plugins or blocks.

In this article you’ll learn about the different elements and how they can be used on your Limecube website.

To work with elements, it is helpful to understand the fundamentals of working with pages in Limecube. The Limecube overview can help you with this if you are not already familiar with working with Limecube.

Elements video overview

This quick overview shows you how elements work on your pages. Each element has its own support page and will provide you with more specific instructions.

Element functions

Elements have all been built to work together on one page without any conflict.

  1. You can add one, or you can add many elements to a page
  2. You can drag elements around the page to change their position
  3. Edit an element - change the contents of any theme default or your own created elements.
  4. Delete an element
  5. Duplicate an element
Note: While you can use as many elements as you like, it is still important to consider making your page easy for users to read, as well as considering your page load speeds. Too many unnecessary elements can detract from the real purpose of your page.

Completely deleting an element

If you wish to completely delete an element from the site remove it from the page the element is sitting on, and save the page.

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