Footer Layouts

The footer works the same way as a content element within a page, with the difference being that editing it on one page changes the footer on every page.

Designing the footer

When designing your footer, there are 3 areas to focus on to get the design right:

  1. Footer style - this is what controls the footer being:
    1. Light or Dark style - this ties in with your colour palette selection
    2. Transparency being on or off, which relates to the background image.
    3. Inserting a background image
  2. Colour styling - part of the style editor, where you change the colours of your footer.
  3. Footer layout

Footer style

Hover over the footer and click the edit icon.

footer edit

Click the 'Footer style' option.

footer style

Change the styles to suit your footer. These styles will change in the live view of the page you see, but don't worry, no one else sees these until you press the save button.

footer style options

Footer spacing

Adjusting the footer spacing settings as shown in the screenshot below, allows you to control, the top and bottom spacing of the footer across the site.

footer spacing

Colour styling

Hover over the footer and click the style icon.

footer style editor

This will expand the colour options available to style within the footer.

Footer section layouts

Pro tip: Find a footer that matches the width of the content of your site, as this aesthetically looks better and provides a nicer user experience.

This help video below shows how to change the footer layout:

Changing your footer layout

If you wish to change the footer layout:

  1. Hover over the footer with your mouse and look for the icon in the top right corner
  2. Click that icon to open the footer layouts sidebar
  3. Select the required layout. To learn more about changing footer sections click here.
Please note social buttons are managed separately for the footer and you can find out how to add/edit these here.

Editing the footer contents

Footer content uses the content block. To edit any of the content simply click on the content and started editing. To learn more about using content click here.

If you are looking to add or remove social media icons, click here to learn more.

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