Creating Social Media Buttons

Limecube allows you to add the most popular social media buttons to your site, placing them in the header, left and right side of the browser, and footer.

Steps to adding social media buttons

  1. While logged in, click 'More' on the top menu then ' 'Administration''
  2. Select the sub-menu item 'Settings'
  3. Scroll to the 'Social' section
  4. Choose the position for the socials to display on your site
  5. Activate the Social Platforms you wish to use
  6. Enter the full URL of each platform
  7. If you wish to activate social sharing buttons, you can choose above or below a blog post. These behave differently to the buttons above, sharing your content on socials, not sending users to your social pages.
  8. Save

These videos below also show you how:

Adding Social Media Buttons

Managing social media buttons is done through the settings page in Limecube.

Styling Social Media Buttons

You can style social media buttons under the style editor. Styling your size and colour to match your site.

You have the ability to change:

  1. Button Size
  2. Icon colour

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