Getting Started

This page guides you through the basics you need to know to get started building your website. More links are below for key resources.

It is highly recommended to take a bit of time to go through this page, as with a this little bit of knowledge, it will be a big step in moving forward with how to design and build your own website.

Planning your website

Planning for your website design makes the actual design much faster and simpler.

  1. What type of website will you be making
  2. What will you be adding. Most sites are text, images, videos, forms
  3. Get all your assets organised and ready to go
  4. Design inspiration
    1. Spacing
    2. Image placement
    3. Fonts
    4. Colours
    5. Look at our themes to find something you think will suit you
  5. Choosing your template
  6. Choose your domain name

Once you have these 6 steps taken care of above, you are ready to get started on the home page. The home page is usually the first page to work on to get the look and feel right for the rest of the site.

To go more in-depth on the steps above, click here.

Editing your pages - A quick guide for getting started

This help video is a good start to get an idea of what Limecube can do for you.

Individual help videos throughout the support centre take you more in-depth on how to manage each specific part of Limecube.

Getting help

At any time you can find help and support within the Limecube admin interface by using 1 if 3 options:

  1. A Walkthrough - This is a great guide to walk through the basics of what you need to know to use Limecube
  2. Help icons in the corner of each element. These bring up help specific information for that specific element.
  3. The Help link in the top right corner which brings you back to these support pages where you can find help resources including video.
  4. Checklist - During the initial site build, you'll find a checklist in the bottom right corner to guide you through some of the more important steps to get your site going.

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