Colour palette tool

The colour palette tool is designed to:

  1. Make it quick and simple to apply a consistent colour set across your Limecube website
  2. Provide you with a range of popular colour palettes to help make it easy to choose colours you like.

Selecting a colour palette

To use the colour palette tool, click on the style editor in the header of your admin area.

style editor

Global settings will slide out and you'll see different colour palettes.

The top option in the screenshot below is your sites colour palette.

The options below that are available colour palettes which you can apply and will give you a live view of the changes to your site when applied.

colour palettes

Editing a colour on the colour palette

You can edit a colour on the colour palette to one of your own choosing. This will:

  1. Change that colour throughout the site to replace the existing colour
  2. Make this new colour available to you in different parts of Limecube.

edit colour

Colour palette and sections

When you open a section, you will see options for your colour palette. This allows you to quickly and easily apply your colour palette to that section.

sections colour palette

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