Food/Drink Menu

Not to be confused with a navigation menu, this plugin is for food and drink menus.

This guide shows you how to add, edit and style a menu.

Help Video

How to set your menu up.

These can also be found in the '?' tab of the menu plugin.

To make your menu display correctly as per the example provided when you insert the plugin, here is how the menu should be structured:


Your heading and menu description are defined by --menu--. The first line will be read as your main page heading.

For sub sections such as 'Dinner' or 'Drinks' the plugin looks for --section--.


For each menu item that sits underneath the sub section e.g. 'Food', the plugin looks for --item--.


The menu item is the actual item on the menu. E.g. Prawn cocktail. It starts with the Title of the menu, then the description, then this price.


As long as the format above is followed correctly, including line spacing, your menu will format correctly as you see in the example.

The menu will respond to the width of the area you place it into and automatically fit what it can based on that section width or device viewing it.

Example menu

Here is an example you can copy and paste:

menu description


Food name
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Tasty Food name
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

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