The notification bar

The notification bar allows you to inserts a section to the top of your website to provide for important site wide offers, notices or calls-to-action. This feature allows for fixed notifications or the ability to automatically turn these notifications on/off using by date.

Please note: this is only available on the business plan.

Setting up the notification bar

This help video shows how to setup and style the notification bar which is great for showing site wide important announcements.

How the Notification bar looks

Once the setup is complete, the notification will look something like this example below and appear across every page of your site.

If you don't see this bar, make sure you check:

  1. That you have enabled it
  2. and that if you have set any date periods for it to show that when you check you are checking during these periods.

Notification bar design

Styling your notification bar

To style your bar:

  1. Go to the style editor
  2. Scroll down to the Notification Bar options
  3. Adjust the colours to make your bar stand out from the rest of your site.

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