This help page takes you through the different types of animations settings within Limecube and how to set them.

Help Video

This help video show you where to find your animation settings in Limecube.

Animation settings

Animation This is the type of animation effect you would like to display on each element through the site.
Direction Direction allows you to control which direction on the screen the animation will come from. E.g. from the left, right, top etc...


With this option set, the sites animation will be on each page and element automatically as you create them.

As long as you are happy with how the animation looks, you can keep these settings as per the steps above and forget about any further changes to animation settings. You can however override individual section animation if you choose. Keep reading to find out how.

Sections Animation

Animation by Sections allow you to provide different styles of animations on each section. This option takes much more time to setup and test, however it can make your page more interesting by using this option. For example as you scroll down the page you may have one section slide in from the left, then the next slide in from the right, or you may find some types of sections look nicer with a different effect to others.

How to set these:

  1. Go to your section settings as show by the arrow on the left in the screenshot below
  2. In the left panel you'll see the 'Animation' option.
    1. If you do not see this, go back to the style settings as shown in the help video above to set your animation 'by section'.
  3. Repeat this for each section

Sections Animation

Testing your animation

It is a good idea to test how your animation looks, and make sure it is comfortable for someone to view when reading your page(s).

It is important to note that the animations only show once on a page when scrolling down the page. To see the animations again, scroll to the top of your page and refresh the page.

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