Broken Link Checker

The Link Checker scans the site to find any broken links. Broken links are both bad for usability as well as can damage SEO rankings if there are too many broken links within the site.

Where to find this tool

On the top menu when logged in, go to: More > SEO Manager > Broken Link Checker tab.

How to use the Link Checker

  1. Click the 'Check Links' button
  2. Wait for the Link Checker to complete.
    1. When the link checker is run, it can sit in a queue for up to 5 minutes before the tool starts scanning the site for broken links.
    2. Once out of the queue a progress bar will display showing the % complete of the checker. Time for the completion of the scanning of your website is entirely dependant on how many pages are in your site.
  3. Once the tool has finished scanning the site, results will display below in the page.
    1. If you do have a large site, you don't need to wait around to watch the tool finish, an email will be sent to you on completion to let you know.
    2. 'Error code 404' - Indicates a broken link.

Understanding the Results

A summary of broken links will display by page. Clicking each of these will expand the page to show all the broken links within that page.

  1. Clicking the eye icon on the right will take you to the front end of your site for that page
  2. Clicking the edit icon on the right will take you to the page within admin to make it easier to fix these pages.

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