Google Rankings Drops & Changes

When a website has been doing well in Google and sees a drop in rankings, this can be something that causes alarm, and well basically, freaks you out.

There are some important things to know around Google rankings changes.

  1. These happen frequently. Sometimes they happen every day, sometimes only occasionally.
  2. There can be multiple reasons for these occurring, some of which are:
    1. Google running experiments, which they do frequently. Sometimes these experiments are short, sometimes a bit longer, and sometimes they become permanent.
    2. Your competitors doing SEO on their site and moving ahead of you.
    3. A Google update (these are frequent), with multiple per month. Some are smaller, some are quite major and see many websites across the internet impacted in both positive and negative ways.
    4. A Google penalty.

Being that changes within Google are so frequent, the first thing to realise is that the changes can be temporary. Sometimes sites drop out of the first page, only to return a couple of days later.

We do recommend you visit the resource below to see if any Google updates coincide with your change in rankings. If there are and you are not able to fix these yourself, we recommend looking for a local SEO person that specialises in Google Rankings Drops. Not every SEO person/agency will be good at this, as there are many different factors that can cause a drop in rankings, so make sure they have the experience in recovering drops in rankings.

Keeping up-to-date on Google changes.

One of our favourite resources for seeing what changes Google are making, is Search Engine Roundtable.

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