Google Sheets Integration

Google Sheets Integration allows all form submissions through your site to be pushed back to Google Sheets keeping a history of your enquiries.

Please note this is only available on the 'business plan'.

Why Google Sheets?

We have chosen Google Sheets as Google is amongst the most secure companies in the world, and with all your form data being sensitive and likey subject to your countries Privacy Laws, it is important this is as protected as possible.

IMPORTANT: Before you get started, please read the "Important - What to know" information at the bottom of this page as by not being aware of these issues could cause the integration to break.

Setting up Google Sheets

Step 1 - Authenticating Sheets

This help video shows you Step 1 of setting up and using Google Sheets with your web forms.

When you authenticate your Google Sheets, only the account you authenticate has access to the sheet, and nobody else (Including Limecube) unless you add them onto the sheet. If you want to add anyone else to the sheet, refer to Google's help file.

Step 2 - Turning Sheets on

This help video below shows you Step 2 of setting up and using Google Sheets with your web forms.

This feature to enable Sheets synchronization is in place so that you can control whether a form pushes to Google Sheets or not as there may be times when you do not wish to do so.

IMPORTANT: It can take up to 3 minutes for the link to be available for Google Sheets and each time a form submission occurs.

Google Sheets activation


Your Google Sheet will look something like this screenshot when you immediately create it. This is exactly how it should look. Once the first entry has been submitted through a form that has Sheets integration activated, Limecube will automatically create the required columns.

Google Sheet example

Formatting your Sheets

Basic formatting and adding filters is fine, but any structural changes to Sheets may break this link.
When your Sheet has been created it will look something like this:

Formatting your Sheets

Formatting your Sheets

All forms where Sheets synchronization is enabled will push to the one Sheet. This is where filters can become very helpful.

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