Keyword Density Checker

The keyword density checker is a tool for SEO to help determine now many times a keyword is used on a page within a site. This is useful to give an indicator as to whether a keyword is overused or underused.

Important: This feature is only available on business plans.

Where to find this tool

On the top menu when logged in, go to: More > SEO Manager > Keyword Density Checker tab.

How to use the Keyword Density tool

  1. Paste in the full url (domain name and page) of your page
  2. Enter the keyword you wish to check
  3. Press Go.

What is the correct keyword density?

While keyword denisty is not something that should be a main focus and not something Google has not really looked at since 2014, it nonethless can be very helpful to understand whether you are focussing enough on a keyword within your site as a general guide.

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