Search Friendly pages and URLs

URL Paths play an important role in the creation of search friendly pages and their ranking. A URL Path refers to the address of a specific page.

At Limecube we give you the freedom to structure your URL paths based on your own keyword and SEO goals. We automatically generate a URL path for each new page that you create based on the title you set. E.g. If you add a page and title it “Contact Us”, we automatically generate its URL path to read Our in-built SEO Module allows you to make changes to the structure of your URL paths at any time.

How to edit and change your URL Path:

  1. Select the page that you’d like to change the URL path of.
  2. Click on the Settings Icon on the Page's Header Bar.
  3. Edit Page URL. Remember to use dashes (-) instead of spaces to separate words.
    1. There are also recommended limits for URL length. When editing a URL, it will show you if you are within the limit.
  4. Apply changes.
  5. Save
  6. You have now changed your URL path.

Many other CMS platforms allow for case insensitive URLs, and as a result variations on a URL cause duplicate content penalties with Google and a decrease site rankings. Limecube only allows case sensitive URLs to prevent this problem from occurring on your website.

Tips: Include a keyword in your URL if it accurately describes the page that it points to.

Keep your URL paths short and memorable to make it easier for visitors to find your page.

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