The File manager

The file manager is a central place used to store all your images and files within Limecube,

You can also access a library of over 1 million free images.

Accessing the file manager

Content element

If you are in the content element you can access it by the steps below:

  1. Make sure you are in the content element
  2. Click on the file icon on the toolbar as shown below

  3. Click on the Folder Icon and this opens the file manager.
    Click on the Folder Icon

File manager standard view

File manager standard view

List view

The list view is a great way to see more detailed information about your files, including filesize. This access provides additional information not shown in previous views which cover:

  1. The full file name
  2. The image size
  3. Date and time the image was uploaded

To change to a list view, click the 2 icons as shown in the screen below.

File manager list view

File manager icons explained

File manager icons 1

The table below is in order of the icons as they appear in the screenshot above. Any settings changes will be the default next time you open the file manager.

Home This returns you to the root folder in the file manager.
Refresh Refreshes your file view.
View Changes how you view the images, between small icons, large icons, and list view.
Sort You have multiple options to sort your images. For general use it is often better to leave this as the default of 'Created DESC'.
Filter For searching for an image file name.
Upload To upload your image (or you can simply drag-n-drop into this window.
Create folder Create a folder within the folder view you are in at that time.

File manager icons 2

These icons only become usable after clicking the 'manage files' button and then taking relevant actions.

Checkbox The checkbox is for selecting one or more files from the list.
Delete Useful when you want to delete multiple images.
Copy For copying one or more images
Cut For cutting one or more images. Once cut and then pasted, it moves the image from this location.
Paste Pasting to a different location in the file manager.
Manage Files This button must be pressed to enable any of the other icons shown here.

File manager tabs

These 2 tabs highlighted in the image below are for:

Free images There are over 1 million images to choose from in this free image library.
Your images Your images are where the images you have uploaded yourself, or taken from the free image library are stored.

File manager tabs

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