XML Sitemap

Each site has an in-built automated Google XML Sitemap. Limecube automatically creates each URL as well as giving other information about the dates and frequency of change to a page.

This feature helps provide proper indexing of your website in Google.

Where you find your XML Sitemap

Your XML Sitemap is found by adding on /sitemap.xml to the end of your domain name. e.g. https://www.website.com/sitemap.xml

Removing a Page from the XML Sitemap

If you don't wish to include a page in the XML Sitemap, you can remove it by telling Google to 'noindex' the page.

The result you will end up with is as per the screenshot below:

  1. In the page editor on the page you want to remove, click on the SEO page settings (next to the gear icon)
  2. As per the screenshot below, look for the 'No index' label, and select that checkbox.
  3. Click Apply
  4. Check your sitemap. The page will now be gone.

Important note: by doing this, Google will not include this page in search results.

No index

Learn more about XML Sitemaps

Learn more about XML Sitemaps here.

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