My website is down

If you have, or are experiencing downtime with your website, this page is for you. Please take a read through before logging a support request.

You website can be down for a number of reasons:

  1. Your domain has expired
  2. Google Cloud where we are hosted is currently experiencing technical issues
  3. Limecube is experiencing technical issues.
  4. Your subscription has expired by more than 14 days.

We understand how important uptime is for a website. We recommend not to take any action until at least 10 minutes have past with your site being down. The reason for that is simply that technology is not 100% free from technical issues. However in most cases, especially where it is No 2 and No.3 above, our monitoring tools alert us and we take quick action to get things back up and running.

We aim for 99.99% uptime during a month. This is equivalent to around 7-8 minutes of downtime.

Your domain has expired or has DNS issues

It is not uncommon for users to find their domains have expired, and this is very likely where a website has been down for more than an hour. Make sure you check with your domain provider on the status of your domain name.

In some instances it is the DNS (records that point from your domain to the website) that may also have issues.

Google Cloud

Limecube is hoested on Google Cloud hosting.

While Google Cloud is considered to be in the top 3 web hosting platforms in the world, at times they do experience technical difficulties which are beyond our control, and cause Limecube to go down. In some instances these can be fixed by us, in others we need to wait till Google resolves these.

Limecube technical issues

While we make every effort to maintain complete uptime, by its very nature technology is not perfect and there can be occasional issues causing downtime. Sometimes these could impact just one website, sometimes many websites. These are rare.

While we very much understand that it can be stressful and have an impact on your business when your website is down, we do ask that you wait at least 10 minutes before raising a support request. Depending on the nature of the technical issue, we often get all hands on deck to fix the issue, and responding to downtime support requests can take us away from resolving the issue as quickly as possible. It is important to note our team will usually know before anyone else that a site has gone down and be taking action to fix it as quickly as possible.

Subscription has expired

If your subscription has expired, refer to this support article.

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