PayPal Payment Buttons

This page shows you how to create a PayPal button on your site to take payment.

You must have a PayPal business account to use this button.

Please note, this is not designed for shopping cart or full ecommerce solutions, it is for sites that have very simple payment requirements. For a more comprehensive online shop solution head here.

Setting up your button

Below are the options available when creating a PayPal button.

Name Product name appearing on PayPal when checking out.

Client ID This is an ID generated by PayPal and needs to be entered here.
  1. Production - Is for a live button
  2. Sandbox is a test environment where you can check how the button works without using real money
  1. The price the user will be charged when checking out on PayPal.
  2. Currency should also be chosen.
Card logos Turned on this will display credit cards that can be used when checking out on PayPal.
Locale Sets the country you are from.
Redirect Allows you to choose from a page you have created within Limecube. After successful payment on PayPal, users will be returned to this page.
Color Choose from a color for your button
Shape Choose the shape of your button
Size Selects the size of your button:
  1. small
  2. medium
  3. large
  4. responsive - responsive makes the button fit the full width of the area it is placed in the page.

How to generate your secure PayPal merchant ID

Firstly you need to make sure your PayPal account is a business account, not a personal account.

Go to: PayPal Developer Page. Login.

On the 'My Apps & Credentials' tab on the left Scroll down to the 'REST API apps'

My Apps & Credentials

  1. Create an app by clicking Click 'Create App'
  2. In the App Name, enter a name that is meaningful (it is only visible to you) and
    1. changing business account email is optional
  3. then click the Create App button
  4. At this stage you'll have a new screen that shows your 'SANDBOX API CREDENTIALS'
  5. Copy that client ID and place into the Client ID field in the PayPal element in Limecube.
    client ID
  6. Repeat this same step for both Sandbox and Live as shown in the buttons in the screenshot above
  7. In your Limecube element settings, on the left of your 'Client ID' click the Sandbox / Live toggle to display and copy the client ID for each environment.
    1. Product on Limecube = Live on PayPal
'Live' will only work if you have a business account.

These steps you will only need to perform once to get your ID and you don't need to repeat this each time you create a new buttons on Limecube. For any new buttons, simply use these same IDs.


It is important to test that your payment button is working correctly before you make it live for everyone to see. Testing is quite straight forward:

  1. Open your PayPal button settings
  2. Next to the client ID, if not already set, change the drop down to 'Sandbox' (this is test mode)
  3. Place the button onto a page no one but you can see
  4. Test clicking the button and following all steps through to returning to your website after payment.
  5. In sandbox mode, no real payment will be taken.

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