Getting your site found in Google & Bing

Simply having a website is not enough for anyone to find your site in Google, Bing and other search engines. With billions of pages on the web, most search engines won't have interest or even know about your site, unless you give them a reason.

Here are a few quick free things you can do to have search engines and especially Google find your site:

  1. Place Google Analytics on your website
  2. Setup and verify your site on Google Search Console (GSC) and Bing.
    1. Submit your sites' XML sitemap under GSC.
  3. Properly setup a Google My Business page. Include a link back to your site
  4. Find quality local business directories to list your site in. Make sure they including a link back to your site
  5. Setup social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Make sure in their bios they have a link back to your site.
  6. Keep up with different marketing methods in our blog.
It's important to know, even after setting all these things up above, if your domain and website and brand new, it is still not instant for Google to index your website. There are billions of pages on the internet that Google needs to crawl, and many factors that cover how quickly they can crawl your website. While the time varies, we'd say give it at least a week, and possibly more. Anything less than that is more lucky. Also make sure that you are only checking for your business name. For generic keywords relating to your business, this can take months and proper SEO work to be found for those keywords.

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To learn more about helping people find your site and marketing to them, read our digital marketing guide.

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