Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions

Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions refer to the title and description text that appear with the link to your website in search results.

For Example:

Meta Titles and description example

Limecube allows you to edit the Meta Titles and description across all your web pages through its integrated SEO settings. The more relevant that your Meta Title and description is to a person's search query, the higher it will rank. Thus, the person is more likely to click through to your website.

Where to change your meta tags

How to write Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions:

  1. Select the page on which you’d like to add the Meta Title and description to.
  2. Click on the ‘SEO’ Icon on the Page's Header Bar
  3. Enter your Meta Title. (Remember to keep your Meta Title under 60 characters)
  4. Enter your Meta Description. (Remember to keep your Meta Descriptions under 155 characters)
  5. Save

Tip: Try to include keywords that are relevant to your landing page in your Meta Title. Also, try to include a call to action in your Meta Description.

Bulk Meta Upload Tool

Business plans have access to a bulk meta upload tool where all meta data can be managed in one place and through a bulk upload file. Find out more here.

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