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Refund Policy

Important: All plans come with a 30 day free trial, during this time, no payment is taken or payment details required.

Limecube subscription

If you cancel:

After the first 30 day trial period: Your plan will end on the next expiration date:

Monthly Plan: Your Plan will expire at the end of your billing cycle on the following month. You must pay for it until the subscription ends and there is no refund on any unused days.

Annual Plan: Your Plan will expire at the end of your annual billing cycle. 

If you do not cancel prior to the renewal date, you will be charged automatically for another period based on your monthly or annual billing cycle. There is strictly no refund on any unused period of time.

Domain Purchases

Once a domain has been purchased and paid for, there are no refunds. This is a standard worldwide across all domain providers, as once a domain has been purchased, it is not available for anyone else to buy until the period you have paid for has ended.

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