Trial Period & Site Usage

Limecube provide a 14 trial period, to allow you to play around with Limecube, and see if Limecube is right for you.

This timeframe also allows enough time to build a site ready to launch.

What's provided in a trial

During the trial period, you have access to all features of Limecube.

It is important to note though, that once you subscribe, some features will only work if you are on a higher plan.

Once you have subscribed, if you note that some features are no longer accessible, refer to the plans page to see if the feature you were using is included in your plan. If it isn't, you can simply upgrade your plan to enjoy more features and functions.

What's NOT provided in a trial

Trial sites may not be used for an actively promoted website. The trial URL is only to be used for testing out the site, and sending it to a few friends or project stakeholders for review.

We have methods in place to detect traffic that is out of the norms for a trial site. Once Limecube detects these different signals, a site automatically suspends and does not allow anyone being able to visit it on the front end (you can still login as an admin). That can be fixed by subscribing to a Limecube plan.

Site usage

Sites built on Limecube may not be exported and used on other platforms. Limecube provides hosting services within our subscriptions, and Limecube sites may only be hosted on Limecube.

Exporting a site built on Limecube, is a breach of Limecube's terms, which can be found here, specifically (but not limited to): sections 15 and

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